Space Janitors at PAX East

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Space Janitors debuted their pilot episode to rave reviews on The Escapist. The first episode introduces fans to Darby Richards and Mike Chet; two janitors who work on the Evil Empire’s space station. As they say, “for every Dark Lord, there are ten thousand minions who need working toilets. And when you’re plotting to take over the universe, you don’t really want to worry about whether or not the trash needs to be taken out.”

On Friday April 6th a few lucky fans will get a sneak peek of the highly anticipated second episode at the PAX East conference in Boston. Space Janitors will be part of The Escapist Movie Night held at the Wyvern Theatre. The night will feature never-before-seen videos from The Escapist’s most popular web series, a panel discussion with the web series creators and the special premiere of Space Janitors episode 2.