IPF announces funding for 15 web drama series

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June 18, 2012

The Independent Production Fund announces funding for 15 web drama series

The IPF Board of Directors approved funding for 15 scripted drama series (10 English / 5 French) designed and produced for exploitation on the web and is making equity investments of $1.5 M in these projects. This unique funding program, which was created in 2010 is encouraging experimentation and evaluating potential for high quality, story driven drama for web audiences.

The selection process required the evaluation of 153 applications which were short-listed to 31 web series from both digital media and traditional television production companies from across the country. An international jury, industry evaluators and the Board evaluated projects based on content, production styles and processes, formats, business and promotion models, audience and revenue potential. The 2012 international jury included Liz Rosenthal and Tishna Molla (Power to the Pixel, UK), Veronica Holmes (ZenithOptimedia, Canada), Paul Ronca (Just For Laughs, Canada), Christy Dena (Universe Creation 101, Australia), Guillaume Aniorté (Tribal Nova, Canada), Julie Laferrière (Cliquez, Canada) and Stéphane Bataillon (Groupe Bayard, France).

The selected projects represent a range of genres including comedy, adventure, thriller, sci-fi and fantasy for different target demographics and distribution platforms.

The following productions are the recipients of the IPF’s 2012 web drama series program:

Project Title Production Company / Producers / Creators
1000 jours
10 x 10 minutes
Productions Babel inc.
Producer: Marco Frascarelli
Writers: Eric Piccoli, Mario Ramos, Julien Deschamps Jolin
But I’m Chris Jericho
10 x 4 minutes
Insight Production Company Inc.
Producers: Shannon Farr, Chris Jericho
Writers: Gary Rideout Jr., Craig Brown, Bob Kerr
La Brigadière
12 x 3-5 minutes
Productions Pixcom inc.
Producer: Nadine Dufour
Writer: Barclay Fortin
Everyone’s Famous
7 x 7 minutes
Gorgeous Mistake Productions Inc.
Producers: Walter Forsyth, Angus Swantee, Andrew Bush
Writer: Andrew Bush
Guidestones – Season 2
40 x 3 minutes
iThentic Canada & 3o’clock.tv
Producers: Jay Ferguson, Jonas Diamond, Lisa Baylin
Writers: Jay Ferguson, Jeremy Diamond
Juliette en direct – Season 3
10 x 3-5 mins
Le Productions Passez Go inc.
Producer: Vicky Bounadère
Writer: Yvan DeMuy
Just Passing Through
12 x 8 minutes
Rear Gear Productions
Producers: Jeremy Larter, Geoff Read, Adam Perry, Michael Kennedy
Writers: Jeremy Larter, Geoff Read, Joe Cobden, Amy Rutherford, Jason Larter, Robbie Carruthers, Dominique Girouard, Taylor Clarke
Long Story, Short
10 x 5 minutes
Long Story Short Productions
Producers: Gail Harvey, Katie Boland, Shelly Gillen, Russell Bennett
Writer: Katie Boland
Manigances – Season 2
8 x 9 minutes
Productions Kebweb.tv
Producers: Isabel Dréan, Simon Côté
Writer: Ghislain O’Prêtre
Mila’s Fountain
11 x 8 minutes
Homeside Productions & Wolf Tree Media
Producers: Leanne Schinkel, Nils Sorensen
Writer: Nils Sorensen
Motel Chevreuil
8 x 6-8 minutes
Les Productions Noir de Monde
Producer: Jean-François Aubé
Writers: Jean-François Aubé, Nicolas Fournier
S.O.S. Save Our Skins
30 x 3 minutes
Farmhouse Productions, Duopoly Canada Inc. & Baby Cow Productions
Producers: Kent Sobey, Catherine Tait
Writer: Derek Harvie
Space Janitors – Season 2
8 x 10 minutes
Space Mop
Producers: Davin Lengyel, Geoff Lapaire
Writer: Geoff Lapaire, Andy Hull
Unlikely Heroes
8 x 5 minutes
Smokebomb Entertainment
Producers: Daniel Dales, Jay Bennett, Jarrett Sherman
Writers: Tim Burns, Miles Smith, Graham Seater
Versus Valerie
12 x 7 minutes
Sexy Nerd Girl Inc.
Producer: Mike Fly
Writer: Stephanie Kaliner, Simon Fraser


The Independent Production Fund is incorporated as a private foundation with charitable status. It operates on the interest generated by a $33 M endowment, and by recoupment from its investments. An independent Board of Directors representing the industry oversees the operations of the fund and makes all investment decisions.

Funding partners for the Pilot Web Series Program included Film Nova Scotia, SaskFilm and Innovation PEI.

The IPF also administers the COGECO Program Development Fund and the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.

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