IPF publishes “Be Discovered!” a guide to enhancing Canadian web series discoverability

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Independent Production Fund (IPF) publishes “Be Discovered!” a guide to enhancing Canadian web series discoverability

December 6, 2017 (Montreal/Toronto) Be Discovered! is a how-to guide providing simple and practical tools to document content in order to be understood by search engines.   Web series can be recommended by search engines and found by potential audiences, when the appropriate data and metadata are created and linked from different sources.

In order to encourage new approaches to the discoverability of Canadian web series, the IPF commissioned this work from Josée Plamondon, a consultant in the exploitation of digital content through the use of databases, content indexation and metadata.

Content creators can master the documentation of their content and improve the chances of being discovered by using the vocabulary recognized by major search engines, Schema, and by increasing the potential of being recommended when their content can be linked from different sources such as Wikipedia pages and IMDb entries.  As a result, content can be found, and the right results may be pushed to the searcher, even if the searcher doesn`t know the content exists.  Although these techniques are known, there has not been a focus on them as their importance to deep web searches has not been widely recognized.

“Ideally, all those `knowledge cards` that pop up on the right side of your search screens or as the priority recommendation on mobile devices, will be Canadian web series, resulting from the use of these techniques and the metadata relationships that are discovered by search engines“, stated IPF Executive Director, Andra Sheffer.

This project was undertaken by the IPF in collaboration with SODEC and TV5 and is available on the websites of all three organizations and can be shared publicly.  It is available in English and in French.  ipf.ca/resources.


Independent Production Fund has invested $13M in the production of 114 web series since 2010.


Josée Plamondon :   http://joseeplamondon.com/bibliothecaire-en-liberte/

SODEC:  http://www.sodec.gouv.qc.ca/

TV5:  https://tv5.ca/