Bill & Sons Towing


A floundering Hamilton tow truck company faces its greatest challenge yet when owner Bill Vanderchuck turns the business over to his four thirty-something sons to run. But since the only thing Eric, Jon, Dave, and Tony have in common are differing opinions on how to run the business, can they keep the family business together without tearing the family apart?
Producer: Ready, Set, Panic
Category: Comedy


 eric bill & sons towing Eric (34) is the eldest brother with the highest education. He has his eye on increasing profits, improving customer service, and expanding the tow-truck fleet (currently at a whopping 3 trucks) in order to make a push into the huge Toronto market. Secretly, Eric’s come home after botching a transportation company merger in Saskatchewan.
 jon bill & sons towing Jon (31) has been working at Bill & Sons Towing since he dropped out of high school in Grade 9. Jon sees himself as the rightful heir to running the family business, and believes Eric has swooped in with his ‘fancy college degree’ to take something that doesn’t belong to him. Highly resistant to change, Jon sees no point in expanding the business or improving customer service.
 tony bill & sons towing Tony (30) is the undeniable screw-up of the family. Whether it’s “cleaning out” towed vehicles, or running insurance scams, Tony will do anything to stuff his wallet. Yet for all the trouble he causes, he’s a huge asset as an all-round utility man; he’s a skilled tow driver, mechanic, and locksmith.
 dave bill & sons towing Dave (25) is the baby of the family, and quite content with running dispatch for the drivers. With a sweet innocence, Dave often finds himself caught in the middle of arguments, or acting as the peacemaker amongst the group. His one true passion is his self-produced podcast. Little do his brothers know, Dave’s been using his podcast to discuss the highly dysfunctional family dynamic behind Bill & Sons Towing.


The Imponderables


Creators: Mark De Angelis and Charles Ketchabaw
Director: Vivieno Caldinelli
Writers: Mark De Angelis and Eric Toth

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