Charles ZamariaFinancial Director (Toronto Office)

    Charles Zamaria is Financial Director for the Bell Fund, Independent Production Fund, and COGECO Program Development Fund. He has assisted in developing and creating national professional standards for the emerging new media production industry.Concurrently, Professor Zamaria is a full-time tenured faculty member in the School of Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University, where he specializes in teaching business aspects of producing in various media industry.

    He has worked for CTV, YTV, CBC, Telefilm Canada and Cambium Productions in various production and management capacities. He has credits on dozens of award-winning independent film and television productions. He is the author of numerous, publications, served as Director for trade missions (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada) and conducted research analysis and studies internationally.

    In addition, he serves as Project Director and Principal Co-Investigator on the Canadian Internet Project – an extensive research undertaking which analyzes Internet usage and non-usage patterns in Canada in international perspective. He is a member of: AoIR (Association of Internet Researchers), NMBIA, IMAT, DGC, CFTPA, ACCT, CIPA, UFVA, BEA, BEAC and DOC He sits as a member of CFTPA’s New Media Advisory Committee, Federal/Interprovincial Tax Credit Committee.