Funding decisions for the October 1, 2014 application deadline

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The Cogeco Program Development Fund announces funding decisions for the October 1st, 2014 application deadline.

The Cogeco Fund is pleased to congratulate the following companies on receiving pre-development, development, and production financing for MOW’s and dramatic series:

Pre-development Program:

[/span3] [span3]Production Company


[span3]Animal Talk
[/span3] [span3]Productions ToonDraw inc.
[/span3] [divider] [span3]The Beautiful Beyond
[/span3] [span3]Sienna Films
[/span3] [divider] [span3]Club Aladdin
[/span3] [span3]Enter the Picture Productions Inc.
[/span3] [divider] [span3]Counter Culture
[/span3] [span3]Conquering Lion Pictures
[/span3] [divider] [span3]Homegrown
[/span3] [span3]Whizbang Films
[/span3] [divider] [span3]Rosa
[/span3] [span3]Attraction Images Inc. & Bellota Films (France)
[/span3] [divider] [span3]The Sweet Life
[/span3] [span3]Big Cedar Films Inc.
[/span3] [divider] [span3]Zoé et le Schmol
[/span3] [span3]Kondololé Films
[/span3] [divider]

 Development Program

[/span2] [span2]Production Company
[/span2] [span2]Broadcaster(s)


[/span2] [span2]Mistral Média inc.
[/span2] [span2]Séries +
[/span2] [divider] [span2]McMurray
[/span2] [span2]New Metric Media
[/span2] [span2]CBC
[/span2] [divider]

Production Program

[/span2] [span2]Production Company
[/span2] [span2]Broadcaster(s)


[span2]Adventures of Napkin Man, Season 2
[/span2] [span2]Napkin Man 2 Productions (Breakthrough Ent.)
[/span2] [span2]CBC
[/span2] [divider] [span2]The Bagel Show
[/span2] [span2]Firefish Entertainment Inc. (Radical Sheep)
[/span2] [span2]Teletoon
[/span2] [divider] [span2]Karl/Max
[/span2] [span2]Productions Pixcom
[/span2] [span2]TVA
[/span2] [divider] [span2]Marche à l’ombre
[/span2] [span2]Avenue Productions inc.
[/span2] [span2]Super Écran
[/span2] [divider] [span2]Série noire, Season 2
[/span2] [span2]Série Noire II inc. (Productions Casablanca)
[/span2] [span2]Radio-Canada
[/span2] [divider]

The Cogeco Program Development Fund is the only Canadian private Fund mandated to support the development of dramatic series, MOW’s and mini-series for television, and the production of MOW’s, mini-series and pilots for series.

Cogeco Fund is administered by the Independent Production Fund.

For information about future application deadlines, please refer to our website at

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