The Independent Production Fund has two offices, one in Toronto and one in Montréal.

  • Andra Sheffer CEO

    Andra Sheffer is the CEO of two private funds supporting the Canadian digital media, television and film industries: IPF which invests in drama series created for digital platforms; and the COGECO Program Development Fund for the development and production of television drama. She was the founding Executive Director of the Bell Fund.

  • Claire Dion Associate Director (Montréal Office)

    From 1980 to 1987 Claire Dion held positions at the Institut québécois du cinéma, the SGCQ and SOGIC, now SODEC, as script advisor and Director of Developement and Production.

  • Charles Zamaria Financial Director (Toronto Office)

    Charles Zamaria is Financial Director for the Bell Fund, Independent Production Fund, and COGECO Program Development Fund.

Toronto Office

  • Carly McGowan
    Carly McGowan Manager
  • Mark Shapland
    Mark Shapland Office and Communications Coordinator


  • Joanne Duguay
    Joanne Duguay Manager
  • Isabelle Doré
    Isabelle Doré Office and Communications Coordinator