Funding Decisions for the July 4, 2016 Deadline

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August 15, 2016

For immediate release

The Cogeco Program Development Fund announces funding decisions for the July 4, 2016 application deadline.

The Cogeco Fund is pleased to congratulate the following companies on receiving production financing for their projects.

Production Program

Project Info
Agent secret
LP8 Média
Micho Marquis-Rose, Marleen Beaulieu
Action, comédie, 10 x 5 mins
The Amazing Gayl Pile
LaRue Entertainment
Matt King, Andrew Ferguson, Morgan Waters, Brooks Gray
Comedy, 10 x 7 mins
Amour amour
Sublimation films
Francis Martineau, Ménad Kesraoui
Comédie dramatique, 8 x 7 mins
Irradiated Panda Films
Matthew Carvery, Mike Donis, Jonathan Robbins, Charles Barangan, Vanessa Chiara
Drama, Thriller, 15 x 7.5 mins
Bill and Sons 2
Ready, Set, Panic
Charles Ketchabaw, Mark De Angelis, Eric Toth
Comedy, 12 x 5-6 mins
La Brigadière 2
Productions Pixcom
Nadine Dufour
Comédie, 12 x 3 mins
Camille raconte
Vincent Éthier & Bruno Mercure
Comédie, 12 x 1 mins
blyssful Productions, BEG Inc, Red Trike Media
S. Siobhan, McCarthy, Tracey Mack, Adam O. Thomas, Peter DeLuise
Comedy, 6 x 7 mins
J'aime pas
Be Happy
Jean-Sébastien Di Fruscia
Comédie, 9 x 3,5 mins
Ruby Skye P.I.: The Maltese Puppy
Jill Golick Enterprises
Janice Dawe, Jill Golick, Julie Strassman
Youth Mystery, 10 x 6 mins
Space Janitors 3
Space Mop Productions
Davin Lengyel, Geoff Lapaire, Andy Hull, Brendan Halloran
Comedy, 8 x 12 mins
Space Riders
iThentic Canda Inc.
Jonas Diamond, Mark Little, Dan Beirne
Comedy, 13 x 7 mins
Versus Valerie 2
Sexy Nerd Girl Inc.
Mike Fly, Simon Fraser, Stephanie Kaliner
Comedy, 12 x 11 mins
Whatever, Linda
Secret Location
Mackenzie Donaldson, James Milward, Hannah Cheesman, Julian De Zotti
Dramedy, 9 x 7 mins

The Cogeco Program Development Fund is the only Canadian private Fund mandated to support the development of digital dramatic series and the production of MOW’s, series, mini-series, and pilots for series.

The Cogeco Fund is administered by the Independent Production Fund.

For information about future application deadlines, please refer to our website at

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