For Canadian Organizations and Associations

Under this program, grants are available for Canadian organizations or associations whose activities reflect the objective of the Fund and enhance the quality and availability of Canadian scripted, dramatic web series. Activities that focus on, or include elements related to drama series for new platforms, are encouraged.

Documentation Required
  1. The Project Details Form (rev. May 2017)
  2. A detailed budget, including all expenses for the project and confirmed and expected sources of financing;
  3. Names and titles of responsible personnel and a list of Board of Directors and/or Advisory Committee Members, if applicable, including addresses and phone numbers
  4. In addition, any other documentation which will assist the Board in making its decision, as it relates to the project, should be included.
 Financial Participation
  1. A contract is entered into between the successful applicant and the Fund establishing the terms and conditions of the grant.
  2. The Independent Production Fund assumes no responsibility for any deficit incurred by the applicant, and expects no reimbursement in the event of a profit, as long as the applicant respects its budgetary and contractual commitments.
  3. Payments are made according to a payment schedule established for each project. Payments may be delayed or withheld if adequate documentation is not provided.
  4. Acceptance of funding from the Independent Production Fund establishes the Fund’s right to audit all accounts and records of the applicant.