Epic Studios


Lloyd Steflan, an adrift loser and closet rapper, inherits Epic Studios, a failing music studio in Toronto, when his estranged heavy metal rock star father dies in a tragic lion accident. When Lloyd discovers that Epic Studios, a bygone hip-hop mecca, has been run into the ground by a group of burnt-out rockers, he vows to restore the studio – and its staff – to their former glory.

Genre: Comedy

Cast and Crew:

Executive Producers: Aaron Krebs, Jill Goslicky, EpicLLOYD,
Catherine Tait, Jonas Diamond, Kent Sobey

Producer: Lisa Baylin

Writers:  Josh Gal, Amanda Brooke-Perrin,
Jill Gosliky, Aaron Krebs & EpicLLOYD

Directors: Rob Stefaniuk, Ian Carleton