People Watching


People Watching is some 20-something people in the year 20-something, stuck in that seemingly-endless limbo between school and adulthood, between nothing and friendship, and between expectations and reality. It presents a series of humorous and heartfelt short stories about trying to find acceptance and romance and sanity, and how you can watch people all day long but you can never truly see them unless they want you to.

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Cast and Crew:

Executive Producers: Geoff Lapaire
Producers: Geoff Lapaire, Winston Rowntree
Writer and Director: Winston Rowntree
Principal Cast: Natalia Bushnik, Chantale Renee, Bracken Burns, Frederick Gietz, Scott Garland, Jon Blair, Frank Philips, Kate Conway, Andrew Knobbs, Hannan Younis, Neil Torrie, Jamie Spearman

Press Coverage:

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